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3 Signs Your Heating System Needs Repairs

The telltale indicators that the heating system needs to be looked at include the following…

1. Strange Smells

A well-running heating system will see odors dissipate. Issues that can include gas leaks and excessive dust can produce different smells that don’t go away. While there are different explanations possible, a heating system problem is certainly one of those possible explanations. 

2. Slow-Starting Heat

Does it seem like the house is just taking forever to get warm on a cold winter’s morning? Or does the property owner find themselves needing to restart the system periodically during the day? Wiring issues could be the reason.

3. Odd Noises

The heating system isn’t supposed to run in silence, but nor is it supposed to be disruptive. If the noise is persistent and seems different than normal, then the problem might be issues with anything from the belt to the fan, to loose components inside the system. 


How a Professional Can Help

We know there are a lot of people, including many of our customers who are very hand. And we know we have a certain bias on the matter. But there are a lot of very practical reasons why anyone, regardless of their HVAC acumen, is simply better off calling in one of our Derry heating repair pros. Reasons like these: 

Liability: If your system is under warranty, taking DIY repair efforts beyond certain basic points, can void the warranty. 

Legal Issues: Certain HVAC work requires getting a permit. While property owners can get a permit on their own, the person who takes out the permit is legally responsible for ensuring the work is up to municipal codes. Failure to meet the code can jeopardize homeowner’s coverage. Moreover, simply researching the code takes time. Experienced professionals already know the requirements in each municipality they serve. 

Physical Safety: When DIY repair goes wrong, toxic gas can enter the house. Even if the furnace is electric, voltage can be delivered in a large enough dose to kill someone. And even when the worst doesn’t happen, there is still a fire hazard perpetually lurking in the home. 

We spend every working day addressing all of these issues and more. Let us handle it, while you enjoy time with family and friends. 

Personal Service & Commitment

Comfort Air is a locally owned firm, and the good reputation we’ve earned over the last 12-plus years is the lifeblood of our business. We’re determined to keep that reputation and build on it when we come to your home. You’ll get dedicated personal service. 

Call Comfort Air today at (603) 253-2120 or contact us online and arrange for an estimate on your next heater repair service in the Derry area. 

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