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The Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits

There are several advantages that going with a Derry ductless mini-split installation over a conventional HVAC installation can offer. Advantages like these:

  • Ease of Installation: The ductless nature of the system means that it only takes a small hole in the wall to connect an outdoor compressor to the indoor unit. There is no need for extra wiring to supply power to the indoor unit. The lack of ductwork also eliminates the need for painting or doing any patchwork around the areas affected during installation. 
  • Precision & Efficiency: Most people don’t use every room in their home or office space, at least on a regular basis. The ductless mini-split system can effectively target which rooms are to have air flowing into them. In this sense, the ductless mini-split offers all the advantages of old-school box air conditioners, but done with the ease and comfort of modern central air. The key difference with the latter is that central air moves air to the entire home or office. Ductless mini-splits can get the air to the areas where those inside really need it. The greater precision of delivery means more efficient use of energy, which can lead to lower costs. 
  • Smooth Running: Anyone who owns a central air system is familiar with when the outdoor compressor cranks up. A ductless mini-split hums along quietly, doing its job without attracting attention to itself. The reason is that it’s set up to use a longer time cycle, meaning it doesn’t have to work quite as hard when it’s on. 

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The ductless mini-split offers some great benefits, but it’s not necessarily the right move for everyone. The indoor units are often clearly visible, and each home will accommodate the installation differently from a visual standpoint. From the financial perspective, ductless mini-splits typically cost more up front, and then recoup costs over time. Each property owner will be in a different position when it comes to achieving the desired cost-savings. 

We’re here to help and to offer each property owner good, reliable advice on what is likely to work best for them. As a locally owned business, our good reputation is how we’ve thrived for 12 years, and we work hard to earn that reputation anew with each and every person we meet. 

Just reach out and set up an estimate on ductless mini-splits. We’re at (603) 253-2120 or right here online. 

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