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How Can You Determine If Your Indoor Air Quality is Poor?

To determine if your indoor air quality is poor, look out for some signs and symptoms. If you notice strange or unpleasant smells that persist, it could be a sign of mold or other pollutants in the air. If you frequently experience headaches, allergies, coughing, or sneezing while indoors, it might indicate that the air quality is not good. Feeling tired or having difficulty concentrating in indoor environments can also be a result of poor air quality. Pay attention to these clues and consider seeking professional assistance for a more thorough assessment.

The Causes & Consequences of Poor Indoor Air

There are several factors that can cause air quality within a home or business setting to deteriorate. Ventilation problems are a good place to start. When the air does not properly circulate, contaminants start to build up. Keeping windows open is one way to avoid this problem. But that presumes the outdoor air is better, that the noise from outside won’t be distracting and that the weather is appropriate. When the windows can’t be opened, the HVAC system has to do the job of changing out the interior air. 

The issue of combustion goes beyond air simply becoming “old”, so to speak. The air inside a property can become more combustible through exposure to exhaust from a car if a garage is directly attached. Furnaces and water heaters can emit combustible air. The same goes for fireplaces. If anyone inside the property is a smoker, that can certainly have a negative effect on the air. 


Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The problems of poor indoor air quality are real, but our technicians are in the business of finding solutions. Those solutions can include a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the entire HVAC system. Mold, particularly damaging to air quality, has to be discovered, cleaned up, and contained. A general sanitizing of the physical space within a home or business is another important step.

As clean air is restored, Comfort Air aims to set property owners up with a good, ongoing program of maintenance, from improved filters to use of fans, to the basics of regular inspection. The best time to find a problem is before it starts, both for one’s personal well-being and financial efficiency. 

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