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The Risks From Not Replacing Your Heating System

Installing a new furnace or heating system is a significant investment and we understand that property owners want to be patient and get the most out of the heating unit they currently have. But there are risks to taking a system that’s slowing down and trying to live with it for too long. For example: 

  • A system that doesn’t function well can produce air that’s filled with dirt, particles, or other bacteria. This is damaging to the respiratory health of those who live in the home. For a person with pre-existing respiratory issues, it can be even more serious. 
  • The heating system that’s starting to break down will likely be inefficient in how it moves heat through the house. In the winter, there may be some rooms that stay reasonably comfortable, while others leave the inhabitants with chilly feet and cold noses. All of which lead to increased sickness. 
  • The inefficient workings of the system will lead to the higher heating costs referenced above, thereby at least partially negating any savings that were achieved by putting off replacement. 

Let Our Derry Heating Installation Team Help

People deserve to have a home or workspace that is comfortable during the winter months, and that means a reliable heating source. They deserve to have that system run efficiently and keep costs manageable. Comfort Air will help customers pick out the new system that’s best for them, and then provide a reliable, professional installation job. We’ve been doing this since 2011 and we want to help you next. 

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